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I Stopped Smoking Weed and Cigarettes: Now What?!

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In this revealing book, Brian A. Matthews chronicles his struggle with two addictions: marijuana and cigarettes. Inside, he shares his road to deliverance, as well as the challenges and setbacks he faced along the way. If you are dealing with challenges, questioning God, or having feelings of doubt with overcoming an addiction, allow this book to give you hope for a better life.


Almost Doesn't Count

While mentoring a young man named Lorenzo, Doris is grief-stricken from an accident that changed the course of his future. Doris refuses to allow the hard work that she has done in turning his life around go to waste. With fierce determination, Doris assumes the responsibility for ensuring that Lorenzo’s infant son, Zelman, does not succumb to the pressures of urban life. Doris becomes adamant that giving up is no longer an option and almost doesn’t count.

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Their Darkest Hour

Inspired by true events, D. C. Wiggins tells a story of disappointment, pain, temptation, and betrayal in her debut novel. Emotional depravity and the lack of communication threaten to drive Malik and Desiree completely apart as he endures a long, hard recovery from a brain surgery that removed a benign tumor. Rather than let Desiree support and nurture him through his healing process, Malik shuts her out, finding he is more frustrated than ever with Desiree...and with himself. As temptations bombard them during their darkest hour, the couple will have to learn the importance of truth and wisdom as they travel this difficult path.

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Letters to my Angry Self

Letters to my Angry Self; Unmasking a Lady of Rage.  is a supplement book to the Surrendered Soul, coming soon!  This book is focused to help you overcome anger, through a first person point of view, with scripture reference.

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The Surrendered Soul


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