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Book Publishing Services

After the initial consultation, prospective clients will receive details on their specific recommended publishing options. The manuscript/document is received to begin the publishing process. The entire book publishing process should take approximately 8 to 12 weeks from final submission of manuscript and all materials. Authors approve everything before it goes to print and retain all rights to their work.  We have three different book publishing packages to fit your needs. 

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Book Coaching Sessions

The Claire Aldin Publications book coaching program with Dr. De’Andrea Matthews is designed to keep you on track from start to finish of your book writing project. The primary goal of our book coaching program is to get the book out of your head and onto paper with a manuscript that is ready for publishing. This program is designed to meet your needs, schedule, and budget. After a FREE initial consultation to discuss your book idea, you will partner with Dr. Matthews, your personal book coach to:

  • Define the scope of your book project
  • Develop a writing strategy
  • Establish accountability benchmarks
  • Submit pages, chapters, or sections of your book to your book coach for comments and recommendations
  • Discuss the technical and legal aspects of your work
  • Produce a manuscript ready for publication

Information shared in coaching sessions is confidential and not shared outside the session unless mutually agreed upon, and documented in writing by your book coach. All written materials sent by mail or email fall under your copyright and will never be used, published, or shared without your consent.


I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the contribution  Dr. Wiggins made by coaching me on my journey as a debut author. I had no idea where to start or end when it came to writing a book. I came to her with a manuscript and said, "Help! Where do I go from here?!"  Dr. Wiggins  guided me through the book-writing process. She helped me to understand and organize my idea, execute it, and get it out to the people. She forced me to not just look at my writing as an outlet, but to look at it as a venture . And when I say coach. that is exactly what she is. Just like a football coach, she is my strategist, cheerleader, story analyst,  project manager,  publishing consultant,  marketing guide, and even a shoulder to cry on. Now I am a published author with my second literary work in progress.  So thankful for such a wonderful woman of God and an awesome book coach being strategically place in my life for such a time as this. Much love to you Dr. De' Andrea Wiggins.

Dena S. Eppinger-Chambliss

Broken People on Broken Pews

By author Dena Eppinger-Chambliss,

can be purchased on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format.

Manuscript Review

Stuck and don't know how to proceed? Need help with the direction of your book? Contact us for a manuscript review which includes:

  • Offer feedback on character development.
  • Organization, and flow of manuscript.
  • Manuscript Review $50 per chapter.


Coaching Packages and Fees

  • Signature Book Writing Premium Package – includes an initial book consultation to define the scope of your book project, plus four additional planning sessions. The planning sessions include developing your writing strategy, review of manuscript, referrals to editors and cover designers, development of marketing plan, and author checklist and tool kit. The fee is $500.

  • Authors Self-Study Package – includes an initial book consultation to define the scope of your book project, plus two additional planning sessions. The planning sessions include developing your writing strategy, referral to editors and cover designers, and the author checklist and toolkit. The fee is $250.

  • Quick Start Book Consultation Package – includes one book consultation session on defining the scope of your book project, developing your writing strategy, and the author checklist. The fee is $100 payable in advance and non-refundable.